A faculty advisor reflects on God’s support of nursing students during the pandemic and how students thrived despite difficulties.

 A faculty advisor to an NCF student group relates the thoughts and prayers that led to a new student group and God’s work among them.

Practicing presence isn’t just for patient care. Jennifer Lim describes cultivating the spiritual discipline of presence.

“We need one another,” asserts a nurse who’s making a way to support other nurses.

Being held by God’s powerful hands enabled Arhonda Osborne to become an encourager of other nurses and living out the vision God gave her.

As nurses of faith, we can do hard things in the fullness of joy in Christ.

From a weekly prayer group as a nursing student, a nurse/wife/mother launched into a lifetime of Bible teaching and birthing new believers in Jesus.


Why connect regularly with other Christian nurses? A nurse describes the lasting outcomes in her nursing and personal life as a result of being part of an NCF nurse group.

An ER nurse averts burnout by connecting with fellow Christian nurses and coaching basketball. 

God blesses a nurse and rural Guatemalans through a DAISY award.