Annual Reports

Nurses Christian Fellowship 2020 Annual Report

Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN • National Director, JCN Editor in Chief

I think we can all say 2020 has been quite the year. So much tragedy and heartbreak. Even so, we have experienced God using COVID, racial unrest, and political turmoil to break our hearts, grow us spiritually, and in NCF shift ministry online to reach nursing students, nurses, and nurse educators. Despite life being out of control, we have witnessed God’s grace, providence, and direction. Here is a summary of just a few amazing things to celebrate: 

  • Celebrate the 41 nurse groups and 131 student groups now meeting around the country for Bible study and prayer. 

  • Pray for the 15 new student groups in process and 29 inquiries for new student groups. We also continue to receive requests to help nurses start new nurse group fellowships. 

  • Rejoice over the students and nurses who came to new faith in Jesus through NCF or have renewed commitment to Christ and are growing in their faith. 

  • Thank God for new NCF Online Resources including NCF Live! and an interactive Self-Care Proxe display to point students and nurses to faith in Jesus!

  • Praise God for the over 100 nurse authors who, guided by the Holy Spirit, wrote articles for Journal of Christian Nursing that point nurses to Jesus. Nine new continuing education modules and four Journal Clubs were developed and published. 

  • Revel in the richness of God’s Word for nursing found in the new Bible studies created this year for students and nurses.

  • Commend our great God for the abundant good work he is doing through NCF staff and countless volunteers! 

Read more details below that reveal how God has worked through each area of NCF ministry in 2020. 

To God Be the Glory! 


Christy Secor DNP, RN, CDWF • NCF Professional Ministries Director

Has 2020 been difficult? Yes…in so many ways. Have we also seen God at work in the past year? Yes! And in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

Our team created a COVID resource page as the numbers of those sick with COVID began to increase across the world and our nation. This web page provides practical help in dealing with the pandemic through medical/ethical resources and articles, Christian response resources, spiritual and mental health resources, and prayer. 

As COVID kept us from meeting together, our professional nurse groups looked for creative ways to gather. Several groups transitioned to Zoom platforms and found an increase in connections with nurses across a broader area. During this past year, some nurse groups disbanded while new ones have formed leading us to a current total of 41 professional nurse groups led by almost 80 volunteer nurses. 

The year 2020 was designated as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife in honor of Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday. The celebration surrounding National Nurses Week expanded to a month-long celebration of nurses. NCF created four unique Bible studies and made content from the Journal of Christian Nursing available. 

 More new Bible studies have been published in 2020 than ever before! Comfort in Times of Fear, God’s Word and Mental Health, Encounters with Jesus, The Love We Have to Give, Kaleidoscope of Color: A Barrier Breaker and Bridge Builder in addition to new studies from InterVarsity and NCF’s four-series study as we Celebrate the Year of the Nurse have all been published. These studies focus on relevant topics surrounding self-care, mental health, racism, and social justice. 

Over these last few weeks, NCF has been hosting weekly times of corporate prayer. Nurses from across the country have committed to gathering for worship, reflection, and prayer for the needs we face personally and professionally. You could sense God’s presence and the work he is bringing to completion in and through each of our lives. Our needs are great, but we serve a God that is greater! We can trust him through all the “unknown” we experience in life. Let us know you’re interested in participating by emailing us at and we’ll be glad to send you a link. 

Professional membership in NCF has ranged from a low of 1467 to a high of 1626. NCF members receive many benefits including Journal of Christian Nursing, discounted and free continuing education, product discounts, and fellowship. Encourage those you know to join NCF! Ask God to increase our numbers and help us reach more students and nurses with the good news of Jesus. 

NCF has an incredible team of people who love God and are committed to connecting the faith of nursing students and nurses to their practice. Our members support the mission of NCF to remind us of our calling and to go deeper in relationship with God, each other, and the individuals, families, and communities we serve. We are grateful to partner with you!


Jen Wojtysiak, BS, ThM • NCF Student Ministries Director

Wow, 2020 was quite a year for student ministries! Last March we worked to transition all NCF student ministry groups online. We produced new resources to support chapters as they adapted to continue to meet together for prayer and bible study amidst ever changing conditions. Check out our list of resources. Many of them can be a help to you as you lead at church in your new online context. Check out our tips and tricks for online Bible studies.

We also upped our online game producing NCF LIVE and Instagram outreach tools. If you haven’t checked out NCF LIVE from last spring focused on self-care in a time of pandemic and see how we are reaching out to students who don’t know God through an outreach on that same theme of self-care with our proxe (interactive online display).

Overall, God is still moving and still oh so faithful. We currently have 131 active student groups across the country, 15 new groups in process, and 29 inquiries to start new groups on campus (even in a pandemic!!). Just as importantly, we continue to hear stories of how God is at work in students’ lives even this fall. Student leaders and faculty advisors shared these God sightings within their chapters: 

“We came back together in October and had MORE students interested in our group, eager to combine their faith with their passion.” 

“A couple of members started a relationship with the Lord!”

“I have gained confidence in being able to witness during this time through NCF.” 

Keep praying for student ministries, many Universities are not having students return after Thanksgiving and that will once again change the ministry for NCF. Pray for the groups that are struggling to overcome screen fatigue and the very real obstacles nursing students and nurse faculty are facing in light of our pandemic reality. 


Kristen L. Mauk, PhD, DNP, RN, CRRN, GCNS-BS, GNP-BC, FARN, FAAN • JCN Senior Editor

This year, JCN has seen many blessings. We are fortunate to have a strong group of editors who assist with refining manuscripts and work with authors to develop the best articles possible. Manuscript submissions have increased in number, diversity, and authorship, providing a rich pool of topics to appeal to a wide audience of Christian nurses. Our missions remains to help students, nurses, and educators practice from a biblically-based, Christian perspective.

In 2020, we published articles on many relevant nursing topics such as disaster nursing, flu vaccine use among college students, integrating nursing theory into the curriculum, hope after traumatic brain injury, biblical counseling, and many research and evidence-based practice articles. A major highlight of the journal was the 2020 Directory of Christian Nursing Schools in North America, a tremendous resource for faculty and schools of nursing.

JCN, in partnership with Lippincott Professional Development, offers professional continuing education in every issue, including for the specialty practice of faith community nursing. You can view our collection of 65 CE offerings in multiple clinical areas at our Journal of Christian Nursing CE Connection website. We encourage every nurse to use JCN CE for your relicensure needs! 

Journal Club, which occurs quarterly, continues to be a resounding success with at least 30 participants at each virtual meeting. This is a unique member benefit that provides free CE credit. We have had excellent guest speakers / authors such as Dr. Gail Pittroff who shared her research on palliative care preferences among adults and families, and Dr. Jennie Gunn who talked with us about daughters without mothers and the impact that has on women in later life. Our publisher, Wolters Kluwer Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, was so impressed with our Journal Club--unique among their over 50 nursing journals--that they are now publishing our journal club online at CE Connection!

In November, we had a virtual retreat with our core editorial team. Neil Livingstone with Senior Leadership Development at Intervarsity walked our group through our personal and team StrengthFinders’ results. This workshop and discussion afterwards was an excellent opportunity for team-building and Christian fellowship.

Lastly, we created a new award for the 2020 most outstanding reviewer for JCN. The winner will be announced in the Jan/Dec issue along with a thank you to all of our faithful and highly qualified reviewers. In 2021 we have also planned to update and improve the Christian nursing school directory and add an award for best manuscript of the year. We are thankful to God for continuing to bless our journal and the continued honor of serving Him through ministry with JCN.


Jessica Harper, BA •  NCF Marketing and Communications Director

We’ve worked hard this year to communicate with and encourage nursing students, nurses, and nurse educators. NCF sends monthly to bimonthly communiques to our members, NCF student and faculty group leaders, and to NCF nurse group leaders. We post regularly on Facebook pages for NCF and JCN, as well as publish blogs to keep nurses encouraged and informed. We prayerfully and carefully maintain over 100 web pages. Our NCF graphic designer, Leanne, has worked hard to provide beautiful images and designs for all NCF communications. 

This year we expanded our social media reach to include Instagram. We are finding many student groups to connect with online, and hope to reach more nursing students through this platform. We also are trying to create more videos to share about NCF ministry. 

Our Facebook audience has grown to 6,600+ followers! We are able to consistently engage with our audience by sharing blog posts, Biblical encouragement, ministry updates, prayer invitations, and resources.

COVID-19 has provided a unique opportunity to provide the nursing community with medical/ethics information & articles, Christian response resources, spiritual & mental health resources, and prayers on our website.


As a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, Nurses Christian Fellowship adheres to the highest standard of financial accountability and integrity. If you would like more information about our financial status, email us at