Student TXT Topical Collection

Just for students (and their teachers!)

Is your NCF chapter looking for relevant discussion topics that integrate faith and nursing practice? Check out the Student TXT Topical Collection from the Journal of Christian Nursing.

Discover short, easy-to-use devotionals, inspiring stories and other ideas for discussion at your NCF meetings. This unique resource for nursing students and educators is a collection of articles from the regular JCN column, Student TXT. Use Student TXT in small group meetings or NCF gatherings on campus.

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A sampling of JCN articles for students:

God Can Use Us!

A nursing student prays for God's help and has a remarkable breakthrough in communicating with a man limited by Alheizmer's disease. See also the sidebar article, "Nursing School is Rigorous!" which gives tips for success by a nursing professor.

Passing the NCLEX-RN...Lessons Learned

What can you do when you fail the NCLEX-RN... twice! Here’s what one student learned about himself and who God is in his life. 

Facing Odds

If you think nursing school is tough, here is how one courageous student overcame harsh personal challenges and embraced God’s grace to become a nurse.

Do Patients See Jesus When They See You?

A student learns what her patients see when she sensitively cares for an apologetic elderly woman.

Nursing School: A Balancing Act

School is a tough balancing act. Here’s how one student learned about life's divisions from ancient King Solomon. Check out top time-management tips that work!

Learning Through Failure

A junior nursing student learns confidence through failure. Read about handling difficult patients (or their relatives).

Self-Care for Nursing Students

Check out these great ideas for self-care in nursing school -- from a fellow student.

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