Bible Studies for Nursing Students

Gather your friends and explore God's Word together with these Bible study resources designed specifically for nursing students.

Trusting God in Nursing School Trusting God in Nursing School

Bible studies for nursing students.

What's Vital?What’s Vital? Following Jesus in Nursing

A series of 12 short Bible studies designed for nursing students


Healing EncountersHealing Encounter with Jesus

These seven brief Bible studies take a closer look at the healing ministry of Jesus.


Apply the BibleApply the Bible to Nursing

Use these general questions to apply any Bible study to nursing.


ResourcesBible Study Resources

Try these Bible study tools for a richer, more meaningful Bible study in a group or individually.



Thinking Christianly“Thinking Christianly” Series

Five Bible study booklets exploring how Christian faith influences nursing, personhood, health, worldview and environment.