Plan for Structure

Develop plans to carry out your vision for reaching others in your nursing school with the good news of Jesus.

Questions that Develop Structure

NCF Nursing Students: Invited to CareThese questions will help you make plans so that the vision for your group can become a reality. See how one group developed a fresh bold approach to engage students and take a risk in their school of nursing.  View "NCF Nursing Students: Invited to Care".

Campus Recognition and NCF Affiliation

This information will help you understand why and how to become an officially recognized student group, write a constitution, and affiliate your student chapter with Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

Bible Studies for Nursing Students

You can grow spiritually in an NCF group by exploring God’s Word, praying together and answering the question, “What does it look like to follow Jesus in nursing?”

New Student Outreach (NSO)

Create opportunities to meet nursing students  and invite them into the NCF community to explore spirituality, faith and nursing.

Clinicals as Mission

As a nursing student, you’ll spend a lot of time with your clinical group or cohort. This is a God-given opportunity to get to know them as friends, pray for them, and invite them to explore spiritual questions.

JCN Student TXT Collection

Discover short, easy-to-use devotionals, inspiring stories and discussion ideas with this unique resource for nursing students and educators in a collection of articles from the regular JCN column, Student TXT.

Planning Service Projects

Before your NCF chapter launches a service project, it’s important to look at the immediate and long-term impact of your actions. These questions will guide you in exploring your motivations, practices and outcomes so that Jesus is honored and people are treated with dignity and respect.