Questions that Develop Partners

Invite othersInvite others to share your vision for God’s work in your school of nursing.  Reach out and give every nursing student an opportunity to become a follower of Jesus and experience the joy of being a part of God’s movement on campus.

Together do the NCF Chapter Care Plan Bible study.  Then use these four steps to create momentum and move forward in your vision:

  1. Hear the Word: What are you hearing from God together?
  2. Respond Actively: How can you act on what God is saying to you? What risks might you have to take? How can you apply what you learned in your Bible study through an outreach activity? Pray for God to give you bold, creative ideas to invite others to follow Jesus.
  3. Debrief and Interpret: Gather together to discuss your outreach activity. How did you see God working? In what ways did you see your overall vision more clearly?
  4. Expand the Influence: As a group, make a list of people you know who may want to experience what you just experienced. How can you invite them to see your school of nursing through God’s eyes, as you are learning to do? Make a plan to share your vision and invite them to your next gathering.