Getting Started: An Overview of NCF Ministry

Bible StudyLeading NCF ministry on your campus is an adventure and an opportunity to see God transform your life and the lives of those around you!

God has placed you at your school for more than just your nursing education. He wants you to be a part of his work of drawing people into an intimate personal relationship with him.

First, pray! Ask God to lead you to others who want to be a part of a vibrant NCF community that promotes the spiritual health of students and faculty in your school of nursing.

NCF ministry asks the question, “What does it look like to follow Jesus in nursing?” Who else around you is asking this question? Ask God to connect you with students and faculty who want to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus.

Before you take the next steps, please contact NCF for important information on organizing your group. To get started, here are three core strategies to develop your NCF chapter:

  • Create a Vision
  • Partner with People
  • Plan for Structure

Create a Vision

As a nursing student, how do you recognize the potential for God’s renewing presence in the school of nursing? What vision is God giving you? These questions will get you started in creating a vision statement:

  1. What are the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs and stresses of those around you? What do you wish was different for them?
  2. When you look at these people with spiritual eyes, what potential do you see for them? What do you think would result if this vision became a reality?
  3. Using your notes, write down your vision simply and clearly and share it with others who may want to partner with you in God’s mission in your nursing school. What do you hope to see happen by the end of the semester? more

Partner with People

Invite others to share your vision for God’s work in your school of nursing. Together do the NCF Chapter Care Plan Bible study. Then use these four steps to create momentum and move forward in your vision:

  1. Hear the Word: What are you hearing from God together?
  2. Respond Actively: How can you act on what God is saying to you? What risks might you have to take? How can you apply what you learned in your Bible study through an outreach activity? Pray for God to give you bold, creative ideas to invite others to follow Jesus.
  3. Debrief and Interpret: Gather together to discuss your outreach activity. How did you see God working? In what ways did you see your overall vision more clearly?
  4. Expand the Influence: As a group, make a list of people you know who may want to experience what you just experienced. How can you invite them to see your school of nursing through God’s eyes, as you are learning to do? Make a plan to share your vision and invite them to your next gathering. more

Plan for Structure

Develop plans to carry out your vision.

  1. Plan the semester. Look ahead on the school calendar and plan your key gatherings and outreach events. Brainstorm ideas for meeting lots of people and sharing your vision with them. What creative ways will you publicize your group? Don’t forget to plan for new student orientation events to promote your group and invite new students to get involved.
  2. Set goals. How many people do you want to contact about your vision? How many people do you hope will be involved overall? How many people do you hope to engage with the gospel? more

Connect with NCF

As you take steps of faith to start new NCF ministry, God is going before you. Please contact NCF for coaching, Bible studies, resources and regular communications to assist you in building a witnessing community in the school of nursing. Join the NCF community on Facebook and sign up for Campus Vitals, our monthly student e-newsletter.