Holly’s Vision for a New Group

Holly is a nursing student who was eager to start a small group Bible study for nursing majors. She shared her vision in a YouTube video and won a grant from Nurses Christian Fellowship to help start a new group at Longwood University (VA).

Holly's VisionWatch Holly's Video here »

“Last semester, God gave me the vision to plant a Bible study in the nursing department. It is my vision to empower student nurses to have personal experiences with Jesus so that, when we take care of our patients, families and communities, we’re doing it for God’s glory.

Nurses enter into brokenness every shift they work. Every physical, psychological, and emotional ailment has a spiritual root that God wants to enter into.

In Mark 2, four men carried a paralyzed man to Jesus and cut a hole in a roof to lower him down, believing that Jesus could heal this man. Because of this faith, the paralyzed man’s sins were forgiven. He was healed.

It is my vision for patients to experience God’s love, his healing and his grace through nurses. But our new, fresh chapter could use a coach.”

Holly has graduated and is working as a nurse, but there is a core group of nursing students who are eager to continue NCF ministry at their school.