Bible Studies, Resources, and Ministry Tips

How can your nursing students encounter Jesus? Here are contextualized Bible studies and resources.

Trusting God in Nursing School

This Bible study series will help nursing students grow in faith in Christ and provide opportunities for them to share what they’re learning with others in their nursing school. These nine Bible studies are based on the Discipleship Cycle.

Healing Encounters with Jesus

Do a nursing assessment on some of the people who came to Jesus for healing and learn how to apply the Bible in nursing practice and in your personal life.

What’s Vital? Following Jesus in Nursing

Download this series of twelve concise Bible studies with Scripture and questions relevant for nursing students. Each Bible study is one page and takes approximately 30 minutes.

Applying the Bible to Nursing

A brief list of questions that can be used in any inductive Bible study to deepen and contextualize the discussion for nursing students.

Resources for Leaders

See more resources for NCF student leaders.

Campus Vitals

This NCF e-newsletter is sent to student leaders and faculty advisors with ideas and new resources to shepherd them through the school year. Sign up here to receive Campus Vitals.


NSO ideas, Prayer walks, Spiritual Care cards, 2+ Cards and other resources 

Spiritual Care

Resources to help students learn how to assess a person’s spiritual health and give appropriate spiritual care.