Nurses Week Bible Discussions

Gather your nurse friends and co-workers for a discussion on what the Bible has to say about the theme of National Nurses Week.

These Bible studies aren't just for Nurses Week in May. Use them year-round in your NCF nurse group to discuss Scriptures that can influence your nursing practice and personal life.

2018: Nurses Inspire, Innovate, Influence

How do nurses bring change to healthcare by being people who inspire, innovate and influence others in their practice? One place to start is by looking at how the Bible portrays God as the source of all inspiration, innovation and influence. As nurses, how do we respond to this good news? Take a look at this special Bible discussion on Mark 2:1-12 or download pdf.

2017: Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit

If nurses are to fulfill their roles as compassionate and competent caregivers, it is essential that they first care for themselves—in mind, body and spirit. What insight does the Bible offer to meet this challenge? See how Jesus addresses this theme in a Bible discussion on Luke 10:25-28. Download pdf.

2016: Culture of Safety: It Starts with You!

Creating a safe environment is important for our patients, for our coworkers, and for ourselves. What are the characteristics of a “culture of safety” in your nursing practice? As Christians, we recognize that a “culture of safety” begins with God as our safe refuge. Explore what the Bible describes as a “culture of safety” in Psalm 91. Download pdf.

2015: Ethical Practice, Quality Care

How would you define “ethical practice” in nursing? What are the foundational principles and standards for ethical practice? This theme for National Nurses Week can generate some thoughtful discussions when partnered with a Bible passage from Philippians 4. Download pdf.

2014: Nurses Leading the Way

What does leadership look like in nursing? What are the characteristics of good leaders? No matter what your role in nursing, you are a leader. In this New Testament letter, Peter urges church leaders to remember a few basic principles and encourages them to be guided by Jesus’ example. Download pdf.

2013: Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care

Nurses who provide high-quality and innovative patient care focus on what is best for the patient to always protect and promote the patient’s health and well-being. Find encouragement and strength to do this through Paul's prayer for the Colossians. Download pdf.