September 6, 2018

Charting the Way

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  • Scriptural Responses to Workplace Incivility
  • Welcoming New Students to Campus
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Christy Secor, DNP, RN, CDWF, Professional Ministries Director

jelloTransition. It’s a word I am becoming more open to. I used to believe I could control almost any situation (at least I was good at telling myself I could!). I worked to build a solid foundation underneath my feet. The truth? Most days were like walking across the lemon-lime Jell-O salad I’m famous for making at Christmas.

For me, transitions have meant a new position with NCF, saying good-bye to cherished colleagues, setting up a home office, and learning about the nurses who are the heart of NCF. You too may be experiencing transition: beginning a new academic year; starting a new role; adapting to the changes we encounter with individuals and families in our care; anticipating retirement; or processing health changes. Transitions are a common thread woven into our lives.

One constant remains: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)! He is our solid ground, our firm foundation. We can trust his love and presence are with us. No matter what we face, we are not alone.

We are in this journey together. I would love to hear your story. What are the transitions you’re facing? How have you experienced Jesus leading your life? How can NCF serve you better? How can NCF pray for you?

Your story matters. Never doubt the impact you make. Your voice makes a difference in shaping and influencing this profession and this ministry.

Connect with me at I look forward to hearing from you!


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Timothy Lin, MA, Student Ministries Director

studentI was on the phone recently with Grace, an NCF student leader at a Christian university. In her role as NCF chapter president, she’s been brainstorming with the leadership team on how they can reach out more effectively to freshmen students. So, in addition to hosting an information table at the student organizations fair (where they had 50 new freshmen sign-up!), they are putting together an outreach event specifically for freshmen. The team is committing to initiating and building relationships with new students.

Grace remembers: “It’s scary to be a freshman!” New nursing school students, whether coming in as freshmen or juniors, often feel vulnerable. Because of that, they are very open to exploring spiritual questions. As nurses, you’ve noticed the same phenomenon – when experiencing vulnerability, patients pay special attention to their spiritual needs. So, when student leaders like Grace befriend new nursing students, they are making space for the students to pursue their spiritual questions and discover the love of Jesus.

Pray for Grace and all NCF student leaders as they reach out to new nursing students this fall; pray that many will choose to seek out Jesus in nursing school.

Christian Nursing Schools


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