NCF Newsletter, Winter 2015-2016

Dear NCF Partner,

“Kingdom glimpses.” That’s how NCF staff Miriam Robinson refers to God’s transforming work in the students at UNC-Greensboro. Here’s one “glimpse”:

“At our chapter retreat we experienced a ‘holy moment’ when we shared our deep places of brokenness that need Jesus’ healing. Together we cried, listened, and said nothing. We thanked God that He is with us and will make everything right one day. Awesome!”

Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison, spoke to a chapter about spiritual assessment and care. A student asked, “How can I help someone go through the dying process when I don’t even know where I’ll go when I die?” Loaded with good questions, this young nursing student is losing his eyesight. Yet, he is grateful for the NCF community, who listened to him when no one else would, and prayed for him. The students gave him spiritual care without realizing it.

These “Kingdom glimpses” demonstrate the importance for nursing students to have spiritual mentors like Miriam and Bonnie. Through authentic communities, students experience true transformation in Jesus and are equipped to be a transforming influence in nursing.

Bethany and Hannah were exceptional student leaders in their NCF chapters. Now they are influencing others for Jesus at the bedside.

Bethany is a pediatric nurse who sees her workplace as a mission field where she not only cares for medically fragile children, but also cares for her coworkers. Her position is challenging, stressful and wears her down. Bethany says, “I have learned I can’t depend on my own strength. God has been faithful in providing encouraging community, enduring strength, deep joy and godly guidance.”

Hannah is a new ICU nurse who also experiences hard days. “Death is something I see on a regular basis, but my relationship with Jesus has become even more real and raw than it was in college. There are days I wrestle with God about why people--especially young people--suffer or die. But there also are days when I praise Him for healing and thank Him that I am in the right place.”

Hannah adds, “I wonder why so many people working in healthcare don’t know Jesus. I see them become numb to the pain and suffering. They have no hope, no purpose. Death is the end for them. I am thankful I know a God who loves us and sent His Son so that death doesn’t have to be the end.”

For generations, God has used NCF to change people and call them to be a transforming influence among patients, coworkers, nursing education, and healthcare systems. We invite you to be a part of God’s transforming work in NCF by becoming a ministry partner.

We need your prayers and gifts so that more students can capture a glimpse of God’s Kingdom and become transformed by God’s love as they start their nursing practice, like Bethany and Hannah.

Will you give a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more to NCF before December 31st? Our future ministry depends on your generosity. Thank you!

For His glory,

Jane Hall

Jane Hall, MS, RN
Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA

2015-2016 Winter Praise and Prayer Guide