NCF Newsletter - Winter 2012-2013

Dear Ministry Companions,

“You’ll Know You’re a Nurse When …”

This is a fascinating book by Sigma Theta Tau International, a nursing honor society, revealing the moments when nurses really knew they were a nurse. One nurse wrote, “You know you’re a nurse when you look eye-to-eye with a disease and see only the woman, man, or child.”

As a Christian nurse, I want to add more to her statement, “You know you’re a nurse when you look eye-to-eye with any personal need and see only the woman, man or child who was created in God’s image, designed to be in relationship with him, and worthy of compassion, mercy, and justice.”

NCF studentsNCF is helping students and nurses open their eyes to see people as God sees them and share Christ’s love. Here are examples:

Lizzie is a remarkable NCF student leader at the University of Bloomsburg (PA). She is engaging students in Bible study so they see their campus and the world through “kingdom eyes,” just as Jesus did. “I remember doing a Bible study on Matthew 13 where the Kingdom of heaven is described as a mustard seed that grows into a tree for birds to come and rest in the branches,” she said. “I want to be a part of God creating a community like that on campus, where people love each other and take time for each other.”

Lizzie and other nursing students will be with our staff at Urbana 12, InterVarsity’s Student Missions Conference on Dec. 27-31, 2012. They will discern how God is leading them to serve him with their whole lives.

Nurses are also praying to have “kingdom eyes” and studying the Bible together. After the first fall gathering of a Virginia NCF group, one member said, “It was a remarkable meeting! One person was saved and many prayed for special needs.” The group is planning a seminar in the spring to reach out to other nurses.

By God’s grace, your prayers and financial gifts enable students and nurses to see people as God sees them – worthy of compassion, justice and mercy. Our mission is clearly before us.

Please support the ongoing work of NCF so our staff team is funded for another year of ministry in 2013. Your contribution is vital! Thank you for your partnership in NCF!

Serving Christ together,
Jane Hall, MS, RN
Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA