January 17, 2017

Charting the Way

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Date changeNCF Resolutions!

The new year offers a time for reflection and reaffirming our purpose. God used NCF in 2016, just as he has been doing since the 1940s. In the 2016 Fall semester:

  • Tim Lin began as our Student Ministries Director, providing excellent leadership.
  • Over 100 student groups met on campuses to study God’s Word; 4 new groups started and several groups reactivated.
  • 14 students placed their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time!
  • We received one to two queries a week from nurses wanting to start nurse fellowship groups in their community; 24 groups met regularly around the nation.
  • NCF-USA has been meeting with the NCF International Caribbean and North America Region (NCFI CANA) to plan a regional conference in July 2018.

As we resolve to continue God’s work in 2017, here are my resolutions (prayers!) for NCF:

  1. For God to bring many more nursing students to faith in Jesus in the Spring 2017 semester: double or triple the number who came to Jesus in Fall 2016.
  2. For the Holy Spirit to continue to empower faculty advisors, student leaders, and InterVarsity Campus Ministers who make NCF groups happen; to keep increasing the number of students groups.
  3. That more nurse fellowship groups will begin as the Holy Spirit leads and He will provide everything needed for nurses to meet around God’s Word.
  4. That God will increase the number of NCF members; that current members will renew their annual membership and new members will be added.
  5. For God to provide financially, bless NCF donors, and meet the budget needs of this ministry.
  6. That the Holy Spirit will lead NCF, every day and in every detail, as we work to grow student ministry on campus and professional ministry to our members and to nursing.

Will you pray regularly with us for God to accomplish all he wants through NCF in 2017?

by Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, National Director and JCN Editor-in-Chief


Nursing schoolImpacting Students and Educators

Recently I had the joy of “meeting” Jodi virtually. As part of our efforts to resource NCF student leaders and faculty advisors, we are hosting monthly leadership training webinars. Jodi came to our most recent online call and shared with us how she had restarted the dormant NCF chapter at her Texas nursing school. In the first semester, almost 20 students from her cohort were involved in NCF meetings. Since the school has both regular and accelerated programs, Jodi's vision is to reach all eight cohorts and all 800 students in the program! She is in the process of identifying potential Bible study leaders in the other cohorts (she has already found one!). Can you imagine the impact new NCF Bible study groups could have on nursing students and faculty?                    

As we enter 2017, I find myself particularly thankful for our student leaders and faculty advisors. They, like Jodi, are sacrificially giving of their time and energy to bring the Kingdom of God to every nursing class, every cohort, and every clinical group.                                                         

Pray for student ministry! Will you take a moment now to pray for student leaders and faculty advisors, that God will restore and refresh them?

by Tim Lin, Student Ministries Director


e-cigarettsNew Report Reveals E-Cigarette Harm

Many people believe that electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are safer than traditional cigarettes. A newly released report, E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults: A Report of the Surgeon General, dispels this myth, revealing that e-cig aerosol contains harmful and potentially harmful components just like regular cigarettes. Sadly, e-cig use is rising at a staggering rate. E-cigs were rarely used in 2010 but by 2014, 15% of middle and high school youths were using e-cigs; 25% were using e-cigs in 2015. Nurses need to educate about the real harm of e-cigs, that nicotine exposure can harm brain development in adolescents and contribute to addiction. In addition, nurses need to advocate that smoke-free policies include e-cigs, that access to e-cigarettes by youths is prevented, and for stricter regulation of e-cig marketing targeted at adolescents and young adults.

Incorporate education about the dangers of e-cig use into your practice; pray for our youth to hear and learn about protecting their bodies from harm.

Patient EducationPatient Education Needed Now More Than Ever!

In 2015, rates for 8 of the 10 leading causes of death increased, including rates for heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, accidental injuries, and suicide. In fact, a 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report, Mortality in the United States, 2015, found that life expectancy in the U.S. declined in 2015 instead of inching up as it does most years. The average U.S. resident is now expected to live 78.8 years (males 76.3; females 81.2), down from a life expectancy of 78.9 years (males 76.5; females 81.3) in 2014.       

Why does this matter to nurses? The death rate is increasing as people die from preventable diseases. Nurses are the #1 patient educators! We can teach about how to prevent the chronic illnesses of diabetes, heart, and kidney diseases, about how to intervene in depression and prevent suicide. We can make a difference.

Educate your patients, family, friends, and fellow church members about preventable diseases and how they can promote their health and live longer.


JCN OnlineJCN Online Extra: Faith-Hope-Love Model of Spiritual Wellness

Are you looking for biblically-based thinking about spiritual care? Don’t miss the just-released Journal of Christian Nursing article, “Understanding Spiritual Care: The Faith-Hope-Love Model of Spiritual Wellness,” by Sharon K. Christman and Julia R. Mueller. This Faith-Hope-Love Model, based on a biblical perspective, can help nurses provide spiritual support to patients and families from multiple faith traditions or those without a faith background. In the article, spirituality concepts and spiritual needs are discussed, along with describing how spirituality is related to finding meaning and purpose in life.

This article can only be found online as part of JCN content at journalofchristiannursing.com. You will need to log in with your Lippincott user name and password sent to you when you became a member. If you don’t recall your username and password, contact LWW Member Services at 866-489-0443 or memberservice@LWW.com. They will need to know your NCF member number.

Use this article to increase your understanding of the spirit, spirituality, and meaningful spiritual care.