Fall 2015

Looking for a fresh perspective? 

Jane Hall’s devotionals on God’s Attributes have now been compiled and are available online.

This series of 22 devotional readings by Jane Hall, NCF Director, was inspired by the writings of A. W. Tozer in his books.

Consider using these devotionals personally or for group discussion.


Nurses impacting the next generation

The Cleveland Area Seminar Committee decided this past spring to use some of the money in their bank account to advance the spiritual growth of student nurses in the area.

They have established the ‘NCF Student Membership Award’, putting together a qualification and selection process and taking applicants. Currently they have 4 students to whom we want to give this award.

If you would like to learn more about how to bless students with the gift of a membership, please contact NCF.

Consider how can your chapter impact the next generation

  • Start by praying for nursing students and faculty in local schools of nursing
  • If you have connections with the school, reach out to see what needs they have that your group could pray for or perhaps be involved with.
  • Mentor new grads as they begin the journey of nursing practice


Hot topics in nursing 

Autism and diabetes are diseases that affect our patients as well as people we know in our neighborhoods and churches.  The current issue of Journal of Christian Nursing has CE articles on both of these relevant topics, sharing practical interventions.

NCF membership offers discounts on CE, as well as free access to all issues of JCN online.


Religion Under Fire?

Religion Under Fire?

Nurses of faith have been criticized for their spiritual care of patients, especially sharing their beliefs. What is really happening at the bedside? JCN and nurses at Loma Linda University are doing a survey asking nurses about their spiritual care practices. If you’re currently working as a nurse, share your experience of providing spiritual care and your opinion on talking about religion with patients. By sharing your views, you can help inform the world about what IS happening at the bedside and how religious nurses give spiritual care. We need 200 more participants to complete the study!

Complete the survey and receive a 40% discount on NCF membership ($65.00 practicing-nurse fee only), or choose another discount toward a subscription to the Journal of Christian Nursing.

Click here to learn more and take an online 30 minute survey.