August 10, 2017

Charting the Way

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fireworksLet's Build Community!

Sensational news! Beginning in September, NCF will offer monthly video chats with members. The chats will connect, encourage, inform, and support us, together. We’ll send an online link and easy instructions for joining each month. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and topics for our monthly discussions. We’re excited about meeting together (Hebrews 10:24-25)!

I’d love to meet you personally! Take our 1-minute survey (4 quick questions) and give your input on the new NCF Video Chats.

--Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, National Director and JCN Editor-in-Chief


JCN CEWhy is JCN CE the Best?

Journal of Christian Nursing’s continuing education provider, Wolters Kluwer Lippincott Professional Development, is recipient of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) 2017 Accreditation Premier Award. The award recognizes accredited organizations that excel in the provision of continuing nursing education and are exemplars in innovation, leadership, and best practice models for CE. When you use JCN’s broad range of CE offerings, you’re getting CE from the best! Your JCN CE purchases also help support NCF ministry to students, educators, and nurses.

NCF members receive a 30% discount on all Journal of Christian Nursing CE offerings. Use the Members-only log in to learn how to use your CE discounts. You’ll need your Member ID to log in.

syringeImprove Parent Medication Administration

A study in the July 2017 journal, Pediatrics, reports that 83.5% of 491 parents made dosing errors with their children’s liquid medications (ages ≤ 8); the biggest error was overdosing. Researcher Shonna Yin and colleagues found that giving parents a correctly sized dosing tool (oral-syringe), and instructions via text and a pictogram, resulted in the least errors (i.e., a 5-ml oral syringe for a 2-ml dose). Adding “tsp” (teaspoon) to dose instructions decreased accuracy. “This study supports system-wide changes in the design of medication labels and provision of dosing tools to help reduce medication errors in children,” Yin said in an interview with MedPage Today.

Teach parents how to correctly use liquid medications for children; tell them how to get an oral syringe.


new student outreachNew Student Outreach!

If you stopped by the NCF office in early August, you would have noticed a massive pile of large envelopes. And if you peeked in one of those envelopes (who could resist the mystery?), you would have found issues of Journal of Christian Nursing, an NCF poster, NCF postcards, NCF Spiritual Care cards, and more. What is all this?

We mailed these packets of resources to help student chapters publicize their ministry on campus during “New Student Outreach” (NSO). Many chapters set up an information table in the nursing school or at orientation. They can display JCN and the Spiritual Care cards to showcase some of the best NCF resources available. They can hang up the NCF poster and set out postcards for students to take. Best of all, the poster and postcards can be customized with meeting times/locations and contact information for each chapter!

Pray for student leaders and faculty advisors as they use the resource packets to invite new students into the NCF community this fall!

--Tim Lin, Student Ministries Director


prayerPrayer Changes Relationships

We know God’s Word teaches us to pray, and that God answers prayer. Empirical research over the last two decades affirms God’s truth. Praying specific petitionary prayer daily for one’s spouse and close friends has been linked to positive outcomes for both the prayer and the one being prayed for (increased relationship satisfaction, greater trust, cooperation, forgiveness, marital commitment). Self-report surveys and third-party observation revealed that consistent partner-focused prayer led to the greatest positive impact on relationships, versus other activities like self-focused prayer, self-help books, and positive interactions.

Pray for your spouse, friends, and work colleagues. Read the report on prayer in The Washington Post. Search Florida State University researcher Frank Fincham to discover the original prayer studies.


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