2015-2016 Issue #4

New Website What’s New in 2016?

The NCF website has a new look! Check out the Student Ministry resources, Bible studies, and leadership tips . Remember that you can become a member of the NCF professional network for deeply discounted student rates. Explore how to follow Jesus in life and nursing.

What is your vision?What is Your Vision?

Last fall you were challenged to seek God and embrace his vision for your campus. Now is a good time to evaluate, assess and plan based on that vision. This will help you determine what needs to change for a better outcome.
Ask these questions:

Are students developing growing friendships with their non-Christian classmates?
Are students being encouraged and spiritually challenged through the NCF community?
• Do students ask tough questions about situations they are facing?


Evaluate, Assess and PlanEvaluate, Assess, Plan

Ask your student leadership team to evaluate what worked well for your group, what didn’t work, and what can be adjusted for this semester. Pray and ask God to guide you in living as his witnesses on campus. Plan the semester’s Bible studies, prayer times and potential speakers.

Thank you for your leadership this past semester! God has placed you in your position for a reason. He wants to use you!


Urbana 15Urbana 15 Overview

When 16,000 people spend five days seeking God, he responds powerfully. At the NCF exhibit, our staff connected with hundreds of students about serving God in nursing. See all the speaker videos, or listen to the audios for healthcare seminars, particularly on Whole Person Care by Jane Hall and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner. Take a few minutes to catch the excitement of Urbana in these brief summary videos: Find Your Life and What Story Will You Tell?