Following Christ in Nursing

Nurses face many challenges. We need reminders of why we are doing this work. Where do we turn for encouragement and direction?

God’s Word guides us: It is a “lamp to our feet, a light to our path” (Psalm 119:105). The life of Jesus Christ provides a foundation for ministry in healthcare. But how do we more deeply discover the treasures in the Bible, and allow God’s Word to speak to us and change us? 

Studying the Bible is more than gaining cognitive information. God’s Word is “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12). The intent of this guide is to serve you through questions that help you go deeper, interact with God’s Word, and respond in ways that change your life.

Take a look at the healing ministry of Jesus in these Bible studies by former NCF Director Mary Thompson.

Following Christ in Nursing

Download all of the first five Bible studies in this collection or use them individually.

Introduction to Bible Study

Learn the process of discovery to hear God’s Word and allow Scripture to transform you. Each study has questions to guide you into personal application and bring God’s perspective into healthcare. Download in PDF

God’s Call to Ministry

These passages from Isaiah 61:1-4 and Luke 4:18-19 help us see God’s compassion for people and serve as a foundation for our call to follow Jesus Christ in caring for people today. Download in PDF

Becoming Part of Christ’s Team

In this story from Luke 5:1-11, Peter learns that following Jesus involves risky obedience and costly commitment. Download in PDF

Setting People Free                        

Jesus encounters pushback when he heals a woman with a deformity in this story from Luke 13:10-17. Download in PDF

Living with a Full Schedule

What can nurses learn from observing how Jesus demonstrates tireless compassion for people with demanding, serious needs? Take a look at Mark 1:25-2:17. Download in PDF

Receiving Forgiveness

In this gospel story from Luke 7:36-50, we see how Jesus breaks the stereotypes of who should be forgiven—and why. Download in PDF