Stressed but Blessed

studyingIt is mid-semester for nursing students and the exams are piling on, the clinicals are demanding, and the end is nowhere in sight. They wonder if they are going to make it through this semester, much less the rest of nursing school. Students often feel the pressure to appear competent and capable, so they try to keep feelings of doubt to themselves.

I love NCF because it provides a safe space for students and faculty to let down their guard and be vulnerable. of the things I love most about NCF student ministry is that it provides a safe space on campus for students and faculty to let down their guard and be vulnerable with one another.

I have seen students break down in tears during an NCF meeting as they talked about their stresses. I have witnessed nurse educators ask for prayer for difficult situations in their lives and careers. And I have watched NCF meetings where students and faculty surrounded each other and prayed for God’s peace. The people in these NCF chapters are living out the scripture verse, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15 NIV).

NCF chapters create these safe spaces because they recognize this is what Jesus Christ invites them to do. Because students find their identity in Jesus and not in their academic achievements, they have the freedom to be open with one another. They can boldly invite non-Christian classmates to come to meetings, confident that they will encounter the grace and love of God through the NCF community.

Please take a moment to pray for NCF student leaders as they strive to create safe spaces at their nursing schools. Pray also that God will give them boldness to invite non-Christian friends to come and experience their grace-filled community. Ask God to bring many students into a relationship with him this year!

—Timothy Lin, MA, is the NCF Student Ministries Director and Senior Area Director in Kansas with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.


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