Nurses Inspire, Innovate, Influence

Inspire Innovate InfluenceNurses are amazing catalysts for change as they inspire, innovate and influence their patients and colleagues in nursing and healthcare. To celebrate National Nurses Week 2018, here is a closer look at how nurses can live out this theme in their faith and nursing practice.

Because all patients are unique, they present nurses with diverse opportunities to teach, motivate, and relate in a variety of ways that promote health and healing. Nurses also have countless opportunities to share their knowledge and skills, investigate new patient-care strategies, and create healthy work places.

Putting your Christian faith into practice through inspiration, innovation, and influence will benefit patients and nursing—and yourself—in lasting ways.

Here are brief definitions of these three catalytic nursing actions:

  • Inspire: to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence
  • Innovate: to introduce something new; make changes in anything established
  • Influence: to exercise influence on; affect; sway

In the Bible, it's clear that Jesus inspired, innovated, and influenced a variety of people. Fishermen, tax collectors, religious leaders, and lepers are among those who made huge life changes after they encountered him.

For example, in Mark 2:1-12 we read how Jesus healed a paralyzed man who was changed forever, along with many people who witnessed the miracle. But the actions of the four men in this story who carried the paralyzed man to Jesus are significant, too. They were inspired, innovative and exercised influence on behalf of their very ill friend. Here is a special Bible discussion with more on this story.

tweetNurses Inspire

Christian nurses inspire co-workers and patients by living out the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are all contagious. When you respond to stressful situations in a Christ-like way, others will take notice and are more likely to take a positive approach. When you offer to help your team to benefit your patients, you are putting Christ-like character into practice. Living out these attributes also attracts the attention of others and can open the door for spiritual conversations as co-workers notice that there is something different about you.

Nurses Innovate

Innovation in nursing brings great satisfaction. It can be very rewarding when we find the key to helping a patient understand the ‘why’ behind patient instructions so they will be compliant. When we collaborate with co-workers on ways to be both effective and efficient, there is a sense of accomplishment. When we integrate methods that allow us to care for the whole patient (body, mind, and spirit), we are utilizing the creative innovation that God has gifted us with and so we fulfill our calling as nurses. 

Nurses Influence

Nurses with positive attitudes and a solid work ethic are respected by co-workers and patients. This puts them in positions of influence with others, such as advocating for a patient outcome. It also might influence the work environment through participating on committees or making suggestions for positive change that affect everyone.

Putting our faith into practice through inspiration, innovation, and influence will have lasting benefit for our patients, our unique work environments, and our own satisfaction in nursing.

Happy Nurses Week!

--Bonnie Hann, RN, BSN, BS-Missionary Nursing
NCF National Campus Staff Minister

Join NCF nurses on Wednesday, May 9, for a special video chat Bible Discussion on the Nurses Week theme. Former NCF Director Jane Hall will lead the Bible study on Mark 2:1-12.


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