NCF Starts at Shenandoah University

Shenandoah NCF          

A new NCF chapter started this year at Shenandoah University in Virginia! Maryssa Walker, the president of the NCF chapter, shares the story of how God started the chapter:

In the fall of 2017, Professor Amy Brown asked students in one of her classes about possible interest in a Christian nursing club. After a few days, I found her in the hallway of the Health Sciences building on campus and asked about the new club. Together, the two of us started planning the early stages: who to invite, how to gain interest, etc. But we needed approval!

After quite an extensive email chain, this chapter was approved by the Nursing Deans, the Office of Student Engagement, and the Dean of Spiritual Life—all within two days! I was so excited to begin sharing this wonderful opportunity with other people!

At our initial meeting, we only had five people. Although it was small, we had so many plans to grow the group. We sent out flyers to our friends and cohorts, and even had it sent to the entire school of nursing!

So far, the response has been exceptionally positive; there were so many students of all ages emailing me and thanking me for starting this group. Some said that they’d been praying for a group like this since they started at Shenandoah.

I was blown away by the excitement of these people who wanted the same things as myself: a community of nurses who could pray together for each other, for patients, and for the future of nursing. Since the first meeting of five people, we have gained about 20 members, including two faculty members who absolutely love this community. Our Dean of Spiritual Life, Justin Allen, was so supportive with helping us get funds to purchase NCF study books, and he has continually expressed interest in the activities of the group.

As one of three groups in the state of Virginia, we are so excited to see NCF grow in our school. We are beginning to plan events such as volunteer work and even a retreat in mid-March. I cannot wait to see how God uses us for his plan in our school, as well as in our clinical settings with patients.

Praise God for his work at Shenandoah University!



Dear New FCN chapter,

Congratulations and blessings sent your way. Thank you for taking the time and efforts to get this wonderful organization together at SU.

Kathy LaSala

AbbaCare is a Christian Pregnancy Resource Center in Winchester who has mentorships with SU Nursing. A Staff RN who uses ultrasound to inform women of their pregnancy works in the center and offers help and support to women in crisis. They would love to hear about your group!

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