Learning to Trust God

NormanStudent leader Norman Bisda loves his NCF chapter at the University of Central Florida. “As a group, we learn how important it is to have a relationship with God on a daily basis. We strengthen and train each other, and we want to spread the Word of God to everyone,” Norman said.

Nursing was not Norman’s first choice of a major. But he ambitiously fought his way into the nursing program after many closed doors and rejections. God opened his heart and opened the doors to a highly competitive nursing program. Norman writes about the numerous obstacles he encountered in the article, “Fighting for a Spot in Nursing School.”

“Ever since I started college, I learned how to trust God more. I faced many challenges and I knew God was my immediate help and peace,” Norman said.

Read more of Norman’s joys and challenges of NCF ministry at UCF in the article, “Learning to Trust God.”



Dear Norman I am from Pakistan and senior Lecturer and National Vice President of NCFP and love to admire the young nurses testimony that how God leading journey in Nursing and transforming their live and leave prints in heart of their patient under their care. your experience will help me to share in my workshops .God Bless you and thank you for sharing your hardships in Nursing .I believe God wants you to become a christian leader same as God prepared Moses for Israel and God Taught him for 40 years to know the knowledge of that time and 40 years how to be humble in wild World. God bless you my son Jacoline Sommer Vice President NCFP

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