Timothy Lin

Tim Lin

Tim loves developing strategies for inviting students into a life-giving relationship with Jesus and his community of followers on campus. Tim's twelve years of experience in growing InterVarsity campus ministry has equipped him to lead NCF Student Ministries into the future.

NCF Vision

I believe wholeheartedly in the ministry of NCF and I am excited to work with the campus staff team to expand the influence of NCF in more nursing schools.

Even though I am not a nurse, I've had years of experience equipping nursing students and nurse educators to follow Jesus in InterVarsity's Central Region. I appreciate NCF for its razor-sharp focus on preparing nursing students to integrate faith and vocation so they are ready to make a difference in the world as Christian nurses. NCF offers students a clear and compelling vision for how to love God and serve others by offering competent, holistic care in their nursing practice.

My role as the national director of NCF Student Ministries is strategic. I long for more nursing students to have the opportunity to place their faith in Jesus Christ and to recognize the natural ways their faith impacts their vocation. I long for more nursing schools to host safe spaces where students can see for themselves how Jesus is not only the great physician but also the good nurse—for them, for their classmates, and for their patients. And I long for more nurses to practice living out their faith while in nursing school so they are prepared to become lifelong kingdom people in healthcare.

I can't wait to see what God will do!

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In addition to working with NCF, I am a Senior Area Director with InterVarsity. I have worked with college students for twelve years in the Central Region. I live in Kansas with my wife and two children.