Harriet Coeling


Now retired, Dr. Harriet Coeling has been a valuable part of NCF ministry since her years as a nursing student. In 2007, Harriet served as the NCF interim director. She has a wealth of leadership and nursing expertise from decades of teaching nursing at collegiate and graduate levels. Harriet provides leadership for the NCF group in the Cleveland area and consults with InterVarsity staff colleagues and NCF faculty advisors to grow NCF student ministry in NE Ohio.

NCF Vision

I saw the value of NCF/InterVarsity when I attended the University of Michigan for my BSN in Nursing. I was looking for ways to grow as a Christian on a secular campus. Some of the nursing students living in our dorm were members of the InterVarsity chapter and soon I got involved. I attended Urbana and was deeply influenced by IVP books and a devotional book for nurses. I began to get a vision for how God could use me to further his kingdom through nursing.

I stayed at the U of M for graduate studies after receiving my BSN in nursing and took on a leadership role in the chapter. After I graduated, I attended an NCF summer camp and met Grace Wallace, the NCF Director. Grace convinced me of the importance of both maturing as a Christian and becoming involved in professional nursing organizations, thus integrating my Christian beliefs and love for the Lord into my professional life and being a witness for Christ in nursing.

I moved to Pittsburgh and connected with a group of InterVarsity graduates who were serving as campus volunteers. I worked with an NCF student group in a hospital near my workplace. Another staff volunteer and I worked together to establish a network of Christian nurses in the Pittsburgh area in addition to serving the NCF student groups.

My husband and I moved to the Cleveland area as NCF was starting with a core of 10 nurses who had been involved with NCF/InterVarsity. Today, 28 years later, some of them still form the core of the NCF group, REASON, in Cleveland. We have had an active NCF group of nurses and students in our area ever since then.

Throughout my teaching career, I have encouraged nursing students to integrate Christian faith and nursing practice. I praise the Lord for the way he has seen fit to use me in different cities and different states to further his kingdom among nurses!


  • Undergrad studies (2 years), Calvin College, Michigan
  • BSN in Nursing, University of Michigan
  • Master of Science (Nursing) Degree, University of Michigan
  • PhD, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
  • Interim Director of Nurses Christian Fellowship, 2007
  • Director of the Graduate Nursing Adult Program at Kent State University, Ohio
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
  • Advisory Board for Journal of Christian Nursing.